How Do I Know if I Passed the PTCB?

How Do I Know if I Passed the PTCB?

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) certifies pharmacy technicians with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). After you successfully pass the PTCE, you have the right to call yourself a Certified Pharmacy Technician and you may use the "CphT" designation. Pearson Professional Centers administer the 2-hour long PTCE nationwide. You will know your pass/fail results immediately after completing the test; however, you will have to wait for your full score report to arrive in the mail.

Things You'll Need
  • Results notice
  • Written request
  • Check
  • Money order
  • Proof of name change
  • Score report
  • Complete your computerized exam and observe the monitor for your results. The computer grades your exam immediately and will indicate whether you have passed or failed the PTCE. Your score report, however, will arrive in the mail.

  • Wait to receive a mailed notice from the Professional Examination Service (PES). Expect to receive it within 3 weeks. You cannot obtain your PTCE scores by calling, faxing or e-mailing the PTCB.

  • Write a letter requesting your scores if you have still not received them after 30 days. Send your request to "Professional Examination Service, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115." Enclose a check or money order for $25 made out to the Professional Examination Service if it has been more than 90 days after you took the exam. To avoid this fee, mail your request as soon as possible after 30 days have elapsed.

  • Mail a letter to the Professional Examination Service if you have changed your address or your name after you took the exam, but before you received your results. If you have changed your name, include a copy of a document that proves this, such as a divorce decree or notarized marriage certificate. This helps ensure that you receive your results.

  • Examine your scores once you receive your results. While the panelists who grade the exams do not grade them on a curve, the passing score for each version of the PTCE will vary. The PTCB Certification Council will determine the passing score for each test based on its difficulty, since the questions change with each administered test. The notice you receive will indicate a pass/fail result, as well as your score. This must be a scaled score of at least 650 to pass the PTCE.

  • Examine your score report, which the PTCB will mail to you along with your results. This report breaks down how well you did in each of the 3 main sections of the exam. If you have failed the PTCE, study the areas you had trouble with to prepare for the next exam, should you choose to take it again.

  • Request a hand score if you failed but believe you should have passed the PTCE. Write a letter to the PES within 90 days of your exam requesting a hand score. Include your test date and social security number. Sign the letter by hand. Enclose a money order or certified check for $50, payable to the PES.

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