How to Arrange a Queen Bed & a Twin in One Bedroom

How to Arrange a Queen Bed & a Twin in One Bedroom

Arranging both a twin sized and a queen sized bed into a single average sized bedroom is not a difficult task with some basic planning and preparation. Naturally, this arrangement limits the layout of the remaining space of the room, but if the most important goal is to fit two beds into the living space, it won't matter in the long run. Be sure to get some help when you have to move all of that furniture!

  • Clean the entire floor of the bedroom. With so much floor space covered by beds, it will be tricky to effectively clean the floors after the beds are set down.

  • Put large furniture in the closet, if applicable, to save space. Dressers, shelving and even entertainment centers can be put into the bedroom's closet to make more area for the beds.

  • Place the queen sized bed in a corner, along a wall, far from the doorway.

  • Fit the twin sized bed against the far wall, parallel to the queen sized bed. This will give a little bit of space between the beds for a walkway.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't place either bed in front of a window you open regularly, as the made bed may be stepped on to access the window.
  • Position a small bedside table between the two beds for a limited amount of storage of frequently accessed items.
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