How to Clean a Sony Bravia LCD Screen

How to Clean a Sony Bravia LCD Screen

Sony has long been a well-known manufacturer of electronics, specifically television sets. Many of the newer televisions contain a crisp LCD, or liquid crystal display screen, including the Sony Bravia. To clean this type of screen, your traditional glass cleaner and paper towels will not work, as the screen is built with a resin frame that is not the same as older glass-screened televisions sets. Do not worry, as this type of screen is just as easy to clean--it simply requires a few different cleaning tools.


  1. Turn off the Sony Bravia television.

  2. Dust the Sony LCD screen with a microfiber cloth.

  3. Gently mist the cloth with a spray of LCD screen cleaner.

  4. Wipe the cloth over the screen gently. Use side-to-side strokes instead of circular motions to get a more streak-free finished when you are done.

  5. Rub away tougher build-up with a screen cleaning wipe. Again, wipe gently in side-to-side motions. Let the LCD screen air dry before turning the television back on.

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