How to Cook Lobster on Your Charcoal Grill

Edit Article Maine lobsters are delicious any way they are cooked, but for a real treat that brings back memories of an old time lobster bake on the beach, you gotta try this one. Ayah!


  • Order your fresh lobsters and insist that they are packed in seaweed.Or if you are near the coast, collect enough seaweed to create a bed and covers for your "lobstah".
  • Start your charcoal, preferable natural lump.It does not need lighter fluid and is made from real hardwood.
  • Wait until the charcoal is white hot, then add a layer of Beechnut or Sugar Maple grilling chunks to the coals.
  • Place a sheet of tin foil over the grilling surface.Cover the foil with a couple of inches of seaweed.
  • Place the lobsters on the bed and cover with remaining seaweed.
  • Shut the lid to your grill shutting down all air vents.
  • Wait 30 minutes and remove seaweed cover.When done the lobsters should be red and the antennae should pull out easily.
  • Serve with a chilled white wine or your favorite "beeah".Enjoy!


  • Seaweed will be pea green and hot!
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